the ubiquitous about

note: not actual size or species but he looks wise and by extension, so do i.

All it takes is a determined brother, a stack of early reader books and a reader is born. Give her a pencil and the words will form and the quiet girl will find her voice. That pencil has once been a pen, a keyboard, a permanent marker and even a piece of chalk but what it has always had is the power to release the words pent up within me. Poetry and prose, it is imagery, a stab in the dark and knowing. It is all creative non-fiction and a made up story.

For the literal curious: I am a Canadian gal, mother of three and wife of one. In and out of academia forever, I trail bits of classes, thoughts and theory in my wake and between the lines. There is a now an undergraduate degree in English Literature tangled up in that mess. I write poetry, short stories and missives. If we’re all a lucky bunch, snippets of a novel. Life is a work in progress, yes?

I believe in love, nature, my family, a woman’s right to choose, a child’s right to learn and explore, the individual’s right to voice their opinion and for anyone and everyone to live the life they should without impunity and judgment.

I’ve been doing the blogging thing for a few years now, with multiple genres (read: a blog for this, a blog for that) and I’ve realized something. All of the food blogging, parenting, atheist and writing blogs are me. All of it.

So it can all meet here.


4 thoughts on “the ubiquitous about

  1. C.M. Reinhardt says:

    So nice to “meet” you! Would you think about joining my recipe swap? It is a lot of fun and provides inspiration for all of us, and most importantly, we’d love to have you. Love your blog, and am looking forward to more delicious posts.

  2. peasepudding says:

    I know what you mean about margarine, because it was cheap there was Marg for the kids and my mum had her sneaky pat of butter for herself!

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