dressing the pregnant belly

Pregnancy is such a fun time. Bloating and increasing middle area girth means that all those cute clothes that are neatly folded in your dresser or going to remain neatly folded in that same drawer for some time to come. After my first child I was devastated to discover that no matter how hard I tried, my old pants would not fit me. My (still rather) narrow hips had widened just enough that I had to pack all those jeans, skirts and dress pants in a big black garbage bag and haul them off to Goodwill. Let’s not lament the clothes we will find irrelevant but figure out how we’re going to look cute now.

Back from a casual walk in the park with Mr and hanging with a kitten. Neither one of us can see my feet.

I started showing early this time around. Mr has said I should stop telling people I’m less than 5 months along, it freaks them out. Let this be a lesson to you, once stretched around a nearly 9 pound human, stomach muscles are not going back and they will gladly take any opportunity to boomerang out again. I was left in a quandary. I had donated all my maternity clothes because I didn’t need them anymore.

Surprise, surprise.

It didn’t take too long (read: I was 8 weeks and showing) before my jeans were uncomfortable, as in, I felt like it was 10 minutes post-Christmas dinner every time I ate, breathed or drank a glass of water. I needed to do something.

Leggings and long skirts as cute short dresses it was. I never got around to buying belly bands but I did score some maternity pants at a new-to-me clothing sale. I bought one pair of jeans and one pair of capris. I am loathe to buy them new because they are ridiculously expensive.

‘Tis not impossible to maintain the cute while pregnant. Long shirts from Mr with a belt cinched above the belly function as a dress, paired with leggings and it’s cuteness. Skirts with a plain band (think A-line, no zippers or buttons) worn as a dress are tops. I know the rule is “no leggings as pants” but are you really going to tell a pregnant woman she’s making a fashion faux-pas? I don’t much care if your bum is covered or so tight the leggings are see-through. And, tights should never, ever be worn as pants, which I have seen. That is tacky.

Mind you, I’m short and this style works for me but it was a way for me to start reusing some of the clothes I already had without busting my already broken bank account.


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