kids’ activities: salty pictures

A couple of weeks ago I was in a bit of a jam trying to come up with an activity for Boy. He’s active and when Miss N is away at school, keeping him entertained is a full time job of hair pulling (mine) and rolling a lot of Play-doh into snakes. I needed about 30 minutes to wash the dishes and forego the inevitable allure of the television, particularly since I am that mom who sneaks in the living room and unplugs the tv so there’s no sneaking it – yes, this can screw you too when you go to bed and want some veg time to yourself. Be warned.

Mr had recently found out I was using his shaving cream in an activity with Boy and since I was in a smidge of trouble for doing so,  we had to adapt (seriously? it’s not like he buys the expensive one). The idea is that you cover a cookie sheet in a layer of shaving cream, add food colouring and let the kid at it to draw pictures, shapes and letters. Since it’s all a movable, swirlable mess, they can play with it for a while without needing too much intervention from you. But, since we’d been caught we had to improvise.

Boy voted for sugar. I vetoed that one.

It’s all very simple:

Use a cookie sheet with at least one inch sides.

Pour a layer of salt over the entire thick and tap or shake lightly so it settles evenly.

I don’t always let Boy at it, sometimes we draw words in it together. Or, he’ll make a treasure map and we have to hunt pirates, thus defeating the purpose of me giving him a seemingly solitary activity to do.

A salty squid, by Boy.

salty squid picture


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