Poetry and the elusive word

Today marks the beginning of National Poetry month. This is where celebrate those elusive combinations of words that paint a story or crash down the wall’s of the master’s house. Love, death and seekers of endangered species soup (will trade green grass and the sky for said soup) find there soul in poetry, so why not a whole month devoted to it?

It is now nearing my bedtime where I will lay in bed reading until the eReader smacks me in the nose and Mr reaches over to put it and my glasses away for me. Each night he chooses a new perch because apparently he likes listening to frantic rustling at 7 each morning and panicked obscenities whispered in the dark. Before you go, check out the National Poetry month site (it’s the American one, I presume there is a Canadian version but I’m tired). There are a plethora of interesting activities that I’m looking forward to doing. I might just suck it up and post some of the results in this space or on the other space.


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