taking a break…

…because the assignments for school are piling up and I’m spending hours on schoolwork with little time left to play with my children, relax and devote the kind of time this blog deserves. I hate to do it but I also don’t like this feeling that I’m failing pretty well everything I’m doing and the obligations I’ve established for myself. The next two weeks are the worst two weeks of any semester, the weather is beautiful and I have approximately one zillion projects due and though I want to scrap them all and play in the sun, I can’t. It’s only two weeks and I’ll survive. I won’t be posting anything here for the next two weeks. I know I’m not the most diligent blogger but an unexplained absence, and each day that ticks by without putting something  in this space irks me. But, I will be back in two weeks. Until then, enjoy yourselves and these blogs for your own enjoyment, inspiration and thought-provoking articles.

Always Always Something local activist and she writes the student life, feminism and Allison is damn smart.

Maya*Made gorgeous photos and she is an incredible talented sewist and crafter.

Notes from the Cookie Jar because everyone needs to drool and find a great recipe.

But I Don’t Blog don’t let the title fool you, Alex writes very well about being a very caring mum and she really does blog. And it’s good.

And, the best video ever.

Until next time, kids. As an afterthought, since a hiatus should always be followed by some new interesting content, anything new you’d like to see around here, something old should come back? Let me know in the comments.


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