word filled wednesday: a writing prompt

Last night I wrote on the importance of using writing prompts to shake loose the cobwebs and fog. Before you go looking for it, you won’t find it on this blog. It’s over at my writing blog and you can find that post here. So, for all of that I have a goal. It’s not a big one, usually the goals that have the biggest impact are small and through perseverance they grow. I’m going to post a writing prompt here, each Wednesday morning, and in the evening I will post the writing that came out of it. And, since I just figured out the Mr. Linky widget, if you feel like participating in a word-filled Wednesday, link the resulting piece of writing in the widget, because all us writers can use the support, can’t we? Without further ado:


If, like yours truly, you are a bit of a procrastinator or life is extra wrangy today, don’t feel limited by the Wednesday timeline. Link up anytime between now and Friday morning (I apologize for the new window opening for this linky thing, it appears to be my only option). Mr. Linky also has a permanent home at the bottom of this page and so you can link to your post whenever you feel like it, because if you know the rules, you know how to bend them.


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