delusions of homeschooling

Organized, I am not. I try really hard to be one of those moms who has her playroom compartmentalized with colourful bins and stickers but I have neither a playroom nor the will to subject myself to doing that, no matter how neurotic I am in other ways. Boy is not currently in daycare, mostly because we simply cannot afford it (thanks Harper, you asshole and your child care “benefit”). This means that he could drive me mental leaving his Thomas train tracks everywhere, watching t.v., playing on the computer and trying to climb me while I rummage for chocolate to soothe my nerves. Instead, I have decided it would be prudent to set up the bundle of cute with some rather educational activities (possibly of questionable educational merit) and work on structuring our day.

Our major stumbling block right now is my ignorance. I scramble to fill our morning with activities we haven’t done before, or at least something he wants to do. I found one blog that recommended activity “boxes”, similar to stations they child can choose from, basically the activity they will be doing for the next 20 minutes. Because that’s how long a 3 year old will plays with anything, ever. 20 minutes.

The process of finding activities, or lessons if you will, has been a little difficult. There are a plethora of homeschool sites and many have small sections dedicated to kids Boy’s age. Another major issue, at least for us, is the overwhelming aura of religion surrounding much of the homeschooling community. It is not just the religious who care about their kids’ smarts. Hard to believe, but heathens give a damn too.

This is not my usual eloquent post (or, maybe it is and I have a number of delusions). Each day is an active day with Boy and I don’t want him to get bored hanging out with me. Or miss out because he’s not in daycare. This is mom guilt. I have some aims that if I were smart, I would not air them on the internet for all to see and point at when they don’t turn out exactly as planned. The major thing that we are focusing on, besides early literacy, is American Sign Language. This applies to the whole family and we’ve just about mastered the alphabet and we’re moving on to phrases.

Boy is obsessed with “b”. Like, we say “sign language” and he the boy stands up, one hand on his hip and the other with his fingers pointed in the air, little thumb tucked against his palm. He’s quite proud that the four of us have the beginning of a secret language and quite honestly, so am I.



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