a mix tape for Miss N

This morning, when there were just three fingers of  scotch coloured light stretching beneath the clouds I drove my Miss N to the airport. She was loaded with her beloved Sheepie, her travelling blanket and love notes from Mr and I. There is a new baby in our family and Miss N is on her way to visit that baby and reunite with her cousin whom she loves so much. I am not going with her for this is an extra special trip. Not only will she be travelling with her grandmother sans parents, she is crossing the border into the United States. Growing up in a border city I took it for granted that I could visit the States whenever, whether it was to shop or visit family, for Miss N growing up in a post-9/11 world it is much different. She is now the proud owner of a passport and thus will start her grandest adventures. While not quite old enough to travel on her own, the passport marks the beginnng of Miss N stretching herself out into the world. It’s pretty cool and also very nerve-wracking for this mama, even though she will only be gone for a matter of days.

Tucked into her bag of treats next to her books, new diary and princess pillow is my iPod. For the last two days I have nitpicked over each song, listening to the playlist through from start to finish to hear the flow, adding and deleting songs, rearranging the order and with a final sigh, unplugging. The compilation is my missive to her, one of love as much as it is introducing her to the music that I love.

I am not the biggest fan of children’s music, one can only listen to Sharon, Lois and Bram so many times before you cry in the corner. From an early age both kids have listened to so-called adult music, the boy received a Bob Dylan LP for Christmas last year because he was so smitten with Blonde on Blonde. The secret to choosing music for children is to pay attention to the rhythm. If Miss N can dance to it, she will love it. Anything abrasive and she tunes out. Some of the songs come from Mr and his sister, most she already knows within the first few bars and some will be new to her.

Compiling this list was fun and it has spawned a perfectly Miss N Christmas present idea, one that I’m sure she will love more than anything.

Miss N’s Rockin’ Playlist

1. Annie Lennox · Walking On Broken Glass

2. Adele · Rumour Has It

3. Cyndi Lauper · Girls Just Want to Have Fun

4. Eels · I Like Birds

5. Tiffany · I Think We’re Alone Now

6. Billy Idol · White Wedding

7. Michael Jackson · Bad

8. Eels · Mr E’s Beautiful Blues

9. Fine Young Cannibals · She Drives Me Crazy

10. The Buggles · Video Killed the Radio Star

11. Regina Spektor · On the Radio

12. Tennis · Marathon

13. Billy Idol · Dancing with Myself

14. The Ramones · I Don’t Wanna Grow Up

15. Fine Young Cannibals · Johnny Come Home

16. Nancy Sinatra · These Boots are Made for Walking

17. Adele · Rolling in the Deep

18. Black Eyed Peas · I Gotta Feeling

19. Robert Palmer · Addicted to Love

20. Kim Wilde · Kids in America

21. The Ramones · Blitzkrieg Bop

22. No Doubt · Just a Girl

23. Katrina and the Waves · Walking on Sunshine

24. Sex Pistols · Holiday in the Sun

25. Lady Gaga · Poker Face

26. Madonna · Like a Prayer

27. Queen · Bohemian Rhapsody

28. Veruca Salt · Seether

29. Bright Eyes · First Day of My Life

Miss N’s Chill Mix

1. Nico · I’ll Keep it With Mine

2. M. Ward · Chinese Translation

3. Nico · These Days

4. The Beatles · Hey Jude

5. M. Ward · Sad, Sad Song

6. Israel Kamakawiwo’ole · Somewhere Over the Rainbow

7. Doris Day · Que Sera Sera

8. Lou Reed · Perfect Day

9. Fleet Foxes · Tiger Mountain Peasant Song

10. Mia Doi Todd · Under the Sun

11. The Tallest Man on Earth · Where Does my Bluebird Fly?

12. Jeff Buckley · Hallelujah

13. Simon and Garfunkel · The Sounds of Silence (Live and gorgeous)

The question is, if you were to make a 21 century mix tape for your child, what would you include?


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