I am still alive!

I dearly love writing this blog, it is where I can explore my love of food and photography and share a small part of who I am with all of you. I have been absent these past few weeks because I have been concentrating on a few changes in my life and it’s all rather time consuming.

I have gone back to school. That’s right, after a year’s absence from academia I am back at it. The year was a much needed respite but I am ready for the challenges of school and I actually have a clear focus and intent now. I have a delightful mixed bag of a transcript, it’s what happens when you can’t make up your mind about what you want to do. It’s pretty well settled and I will at the end of it, have a double major in History and English.

In addition to school I am also the Halifax City Editor for Everything Mom! I am incredibly excited about this opportunity, I now have the chance to further explore the city I love and bring all of its hidden gems to the light of the interwebs. If you live in Nova Scotia, please visit me over at the Halifax City Page where I will list ongoing family and mom (and dad)-only events as well as feature articles about places to be and things to see.

The Herbed Kitchen is my little bloggy love but there may be a few time gaps every once in a while.