Macarons Love

aerial macarons
Delicate flecks of raspberry tucked into almond meringue domes have enough berry muscle behind them to fill your mouth with a summer rush. The raspberry in these macarons is a newly discovered, delicate picture of your 90 year old grandmother who weathered the Depression to come up jitterbugging and two-stepping, wry sweetness in tow. Many macarons are without substance, their alluring pastel colours a lie despite their playful names. The macarons of Douceurs de Terroir are grace, a ballerina with a PhD; Billie Holliday after finishing school.

Buttercream radiating with lavender successfully unites the raspberry domes and surpasses all of my hopes for a proper macaron. I also was fortunate enough to try the chocolate honey and the creaminess of the alluring honey domes against the subtle chocolate buttercream. It would delight the rumbling of Winnie the Pooh’s tummy, end his search for yet another smackerel of something.

A tower

I met Florence at Pete’s Frootique on Bedford one sunny Saturday afternoon and from a distance I spotted the corner of one brightly coloured macaron. “Macarons!” I exclaimed in that delightfully awkward way I have and dug my fingers into Mr.’s shoulder. As much as I try I am not that well-versed in baking these treasures and considering I live in Eastern Canada as opposed to Paris, they are not readily available. Florence is a representative of Douceurs de Terroir, a French import company that is mainly focusing on macarons, as they well should since each is a lesson in art.

Lavender macarons
I ate my share of the macarons on our sunny balcony, feet tucked under me. The flavour in every one was full and bold yet so perfectly understated that you’ll think your imagination has snuck its way into your mouth to play.

This is where I mention that I was in no way paid to write this rambling and overly favourable review. I am just smitten and would probably let them pay me in macarons if they asked.


12 thoughts on “Macarons Love

  1. Mom says:

    That is really a lovely colour. I want to try them they look so delicious. I have never made them before.I think I would like to paint a small room that colour it is so pretty

  2. Florence Le Guyader says:

    This article is wonderful… thank you for sharing your passion over French Macarons!
    I am Florence from France, I work for the company which supplies macarons to Pete’s Frootique.
    We have 27 different flavours (sweet&savoury), and macaron is gluten free… it’s the finest of French cookies! Making them requires good ingredients, and allows creativity…
    If you need any informations or even a macaron tour! Contact me: 902 719 7912.

  3. Pudding Pie Lane says:

    Did I read that this macaron place is in Bedford? As in, Bedford near Cambridge? I go to uni there and I wonder if it’s Bedford how many day trips I can make there next term… 🙂

  4. Jacqueline Raposo says:

    These looks gorgeous! I’m currently a bit obsessed with these little bite-sized bits of delight. I’m going to have to play around with a variety of this kind.

  5. Shalet says:

    Holy moly those look fabulous! Makes me want to leave work, run home and bake. Not that I know how to bake such treasures but I would give a go nonetheless.


  6. Faith says:

    Macarons are one of the hardesst things to make and yet you have prefected them! They really look great! I love the color and I bet the flavor is wonderful.

  7. Jennifer-The Adventuresome Kitchen says:

    I love love LOVE macarons- more than chocolate!!! Those raspberry ones look just heavenly. Hands down- le macaron was one of the highlights of my trip to Paris this past winter. I’ve been too chicken to try and make them, but hoping to get up the courage and try them this next year.

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