Lemon Poppyseed Scones (Vegan): In Support of Japan

This post does not include the recipe but if you are looking to make your own wicked lemon poppyseed scones, you can find it here.

Lemon Poppy Seed Scones (vegan)

The humble scone can be a nasty sort when she isn’t taken seriously. Scones have the heart of a tea biscuit in the soul of a pastry philosopher. The heft of the dough buoys your morning cup of coffee but it is not so rough around the edges that you can’t invite a lovely lemon poppyseed scone to an afternoon tea. The scone has a lot to say about baking and if you don’t silence her with too much liquid or dry her up by withholding butter she is a delectable thing of beauty, studded with poppy seeds and lemon zest.

lemon zest

The secret to these scones lay in the coconut milk and the preparation of the lemon zest. The coconut milk will keep these babies dairy free but it also adds the necessary to fat to keep them light and tender. Dairy filled scones often use a milk rich in milk fat to achieve the same effect. Coconut milk is a great friend to the dairy free baker, don’t take it for granted.
The lemon zest is prepared by peeling the yellow part of the lemon, taking care to leave the white pith on the fruit and then finely chopping it. This method will produce slightly larger pieces of zest and a higher yield. The flecks of lemon in the scones are gorgeous and should not disrupt the texture and in fact add to the entire experience of the scone.

lemon sun

I am offering a double batch of these Lemon Poppy seed scones (that is 12 scones) for the online bake sale that Sabrina of The Tomato Tart is hosting. On March 30 please be sure to check out her site to bid on deletable baked goods prepared by almost 100 food bloggers in support of Japan in the wake of the devastating earthquake and tsunami of two weeks ago.
The morning after the earthquake tore the ground and pushed walls of water onto the shores and across the land I lay snuggled in my bed, surrounded by sleeping family. I squinted at the news rolling down the small screen of my phone and couldn’t believe the reports, the pictures with the earth torn in two. This tragedy is much bigger than the borders of a country and I was certainly not the only person to stand before a television screen, transfixed with an ache in my heart. Japan’s tragedy weighs on the world and as we food bloggers put forth our baked goods we are trying to take a bit of that pain and replace it with something good.

Note: I did have the recipe for these lovely scones listed here but after some consideration I have removed it because I would like the winning bidder to have purchased something special. I will no doubt re-list the recipe following the bake sale or I may not. I have a few other vegan scone recipes up my sleeve and I know you are all a resourceful bunch. Don’t forget to visit Sabrina!


3 thoughts on “Lemon Poppyseed Scones (Vegan): In Support of Japan

  1. Jamie says:

    So many bloggers are waving luscious scones in front of my nose these days! Do you all know that I have been thinking of scones these past few weeks? Haven’t made them yet but must since I so love them; they are the perfect weekend afternoon snack. Love lemon scones and the coconut truly has me intrigued and tempted. Just a great recipe!

  2. Irvin says:

    Those look lovely! I’m excited about the online bake sale. Lemon and coconut milk sounds like a wonderful combination. Let’s hope we raise tons of money!

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