The Gift Project: March

March is a lonely month. We have glimmers of hope as the snow melts in grand fits of spring fever and then the biting cold sears our sinuses and the memory of winter is once again reality. March is long and boring without a day for lovers or April’s impish pranks. Here in Nova Scotia, or at least Halifax we have been cheated out of our customary “March break”, that harbinger of fun, relaxation and for some that mysterious glowing orb in the sky. We weren’t entirely left in the lurch as the children had their break in February but that still left March without.

If you are looking to liven up this long month that felled Julius Caesar, why not spread a touch of warmth to someone in your life by making and giving them a gift? It needn’t be grandiose or even a source of difficulty, as long as it is homemade and given with a sense of gratitude, love, affection or with whatever it is you hold for your chosen person.

I started this project as a way to test myself, to put myself out there as far the relationships I have with people and what those relationships mean. I am very shy and it is because of this blog and social media in general that I have been striving to put myself out there a little more. I also have an extraordinarily shy child who refuses to speak to people and even to her friends in front of their parents and me. I understand her reluctance to draw attention, especially the stares of adults and so through this project I will hopefully be an inspiration to little Miss N and if not now at least sometime in the (near) future.

As usual, we will all have two weeks from this date to make a gift of some sort and pass it on to someone. The Gift Project flickr group available for uploading photos, particularly if you would like the chance to participate but do not write your own blog. I will also post a link up to all the participants and you can email me at or tweet me so that I don’t miss you!

Theme: Warmth
Link Up Date: March 24


2 thoughts on “The Gift Project: March

  1. Kerry Fraser says:

    Great idea Joy. I did a pay it forward one in February, so I would love to participate this month. I found it difficult to put myself out there, but turning 40 has helped with that.

    This is a wonderful idea, you are an inspiration and a wonderful role model for you little girl.

    • Ms. Joy says:

      Thank you so much, Kerry! I would love to have you join me this month. I find it a little intimidating but I’m trying really hard not to keep myself back from doing it.

      That means so much to me, it’s tough business being a parent but it’s always worth it. Thank you.

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