The February Gift Project

The month of February is buoyed by Valentine’s Day. Despite the over commercialization of such a sweet holiday, it’s intended as just a little bit of light in one of the darkest, coldest months of the year. We are a touch closer to summer yet the happy sheen of December’s holidays have worn off and the joy of plodding through the snow, cold and desperate last strains of light at 4 in the afternoon is wearing thin. To brighten the day a touch and take some of the load off those retail stores, what if you made a lovely gift for someone in your life? The theme for this month’s Gift Project is love and affection. I would like you to know that you you needn’t have a “special person” in your life to participate in this month’s project. In fact, I have a friend in mind for this month’s gift and she is most definitely not my significant other but I do feel love and affection for her because she is a lovely woman.

I usually write up this post at the beginning of the month but this past week Bubs very kindly shared a bug from his daycare and it was Miss N’s last week before break so there were a number of activities to cover. The dates for this project are obviously shifted, as a result. To keep the project confined to the month of February, the link up date on The Herbed Kitchen will be February 28. As always, feel free to email your post to thegiftprojectblog(at) so that I can keep everything straight an you won’t be lost in the shuffle! There is also a public flickr group to post pictures which can be found at The Gift Project.

The gift project is not limited to just food bloggers, if you are a crafter or writer or spoken word artist (or mime, whatever) and wish to share your experience with us, please do. The point of this project is that we bring a small bit of ourselves into other people’s lives to brighten their day.

I truly look forward to everything you have to offer because it will be special and beautiful.

Theme: Love and Affection

Link Up: February 28



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