>Photo Friday: Lentil Burger with Chive Polenta


lentil burger • chive polenta • creamy tomato

A note: I would much rather leave the Photo Friday post wordless but I have a quick question: What are your opinions on the editing of food photos? I have edited the last two photos in this series and while I like the effect, I am leery of playing around with the colours and compositions of the foods. I think I’d like to remain true to the food but I am not sure. I included an unedited version (the top) for a point of comparison.

8 thoughts on “>Photo Friday: Lentil Burger with Chive Polenta

  1. Ms. WhitePlates says:

    >Gringarl: Thank you, I'm unsure of the amount of editing I should do on food photos.These are in a kind of progression from unedited to highly so. I think a little is good. Besides, the lighting doesn't always cooperate, does it?

  2. Ethel says:

    >The polenta chives looks so good. Did you mix the chives into the polenta. I have used it before but just plain. I enjoy your pictures and recipes. Your rhubarb water was really enjoyed by Brooke and Corey. Keep up the good work

  3. Ms. WhitePlates says:

    >Ethel: Halfway through cooking with salted water I will add some goat milk (you don't need the goat, obviously) and then when everything is absorbed and the polenta is cooked, cut some fresh chives (with scissors) in and mix. I'm happy the kids liked it, that's really good. It can be tart.Erica: Of course! It's great because we didn't have any buns and I didn't feel like making any and this way it's a bit hearty.Good, thanks! I'm thinking that a bit of editing is alright but not too much. I'm pretty conflicted about the editing of photos.

  4. Ms. WhitePlates says:

    >Butterfly: We just discovered how many photos we have on the hard drive and it's astronomical! My hubby made the point that sometimes the light is bad because we'll bake or cook late at night when the light is bad and it becomes a necessity to edit to some degree. I'm leery of it because the subject is food. Thank you so much! It's funny, in real life the plating was pretty wonky but it was all about the angles!

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