>Photo Friday: Tortilla Crusted Lamb w/ Clementine Jus



11 thoughts on “>Photo Friday: Tortilla Crusted Lamb w/ Clementine Jus

  1. Ms. WhitePlates says:

    >Lyndi: My hubby actually cut pieces from a so-so cut of lamb roast and really went to town tenderizing it. Part of the process was a marinade of clementine zest and juice, sugar, pepper, sea salt and a touch of five spice. The lamb was shallow fried in olive oil after he put a tortilla crust. To deal with the salt we dipped in clementine juice. I absolutely love lamb! :)I've been enjoying your blog!

  2. Emily says:

    >I'm salivating by just looking at the crusted lamb pieces. It look very crispy to me.It may seem like a silly question but may I ask how do you make the tortilla crust to coat with the lamb?

  3. Ms. WhitePlates says:

    >Emily: Not a silly question at all! The tortilla is crushed into a mix of fine crumb with larger pieces for crunch. The lamb was quite wet because the marinade was pounded into it so the tortilla crumbs stuck. When frying anything with a crust it's important to have your oil really hot so it doesn't fall off. 5 Star: Thank you so much! From you, that's quite the compliment! Your food is amazing!Butterfly: Thanks! Exactly!

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